Who we are

We are an online advertising agency that focuses on building brands and getting more leads

Why Glior?

A partner, not an agency

Unlike most agencies, we bring our relationship down to a partnership level so that we can work closer with you and get the highest return on your investment

Data driven, not wild guesses

We prepare concise market researches to bring the best results humanly possible for your business

Focused on clients, not views

We base most of our ads on getting clients not eye balls and constantly work to beating our control( the best performing ad)

Risk Free offer

We make sure you see and get results for our work even before you pay


Molemo letlailana

Hey, my name is Molemo Letlailana and I’m the founder of Glior. 

My hopes are that I help make it easier to get sales, whether it’s through my FREE training or my services. I’m here to make it happen