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I shared this article because I noticed you aren’t using Facebook for your construction company which may be causing you more harm than good in this day and age

And I wanted to show you how it can help you get more clients

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What Facebook is

Facebook is a social media tool that can help you share pictures and videos with your friends and people around the world


Not only that but you can also message people on Facebook


But that is not how I see Facebook. A large number of people waste their time on Facebook looking at pictures of people and talking to people


I think that is an advantage for us business people because we can showcase our services and products on Facebook where a lot of people waste their time


Not only that but, what is great is that people from Leribe, Mafeteng, Berea, and all the other districts will be able to see your services and products where they are. You bring the marketing to them

What you can do on Facebook

There are two things you can do on Facebook

  1. Posting on Facebook
    This is uploading videos and images on Facebook

  2. Advertise on Facebook
    This is running adverts on Facebook


The difference between posting on Facebook and advertising on Facebook

The difference between posting on Facebook and advertising on Facebook is that posting on Facebook is not a direct return on investment activity

That means you don’t get results instantly. It is considered branding not marketing and it takes a bit longer to get results.


All it does is position you as an expert in your field. This method is free but it takes a long time to get there. Also when you have a brand it becomes easier to get leads and sales without having to advertise


Then you have advertising on Facebook, This is running adverts to let people know about your services and it is not free. The positive side is that you get results instantly but you always have to pay to advertise

How to post on Facebook to get results quickly

If you are interested In knowing how to post on Facebook to get results, here is a guide

  1. Take advantage of your work/ portfolio

The best way to position yourself as an expert is to post your work to show people how good you really are

You want them to be the ones who admit it and say it, not you

What to avoid

Avoid posting everything all at once, if you managed to take 10 pictures the whole month, post them according to the progress you made



Week one – if you were working on the flooring of a house on the first week, post the pictures of that week alone


Week two- if you were installing shelves on the second week, post the pictures for that week separately and on a different day


This is so you show people the progress you made on a project

2.Take advantage of Facebook reels
These are short-form videos within Facebook that are designed to get you exposure to people who don’t know about your page

They can help you show your services to people who don’t know you. This will help you grow your brand as you continue to get exposure


3. Add an educational element to your posting
Not a lot of people implement this but those that do get the most return from it

How this works is that, in every industry, there are always basic things that people don’t under who aren’t in the industry

What you can do is help them understand them so that they can make the simple fixes themselves

How this is going to help is that when the people you helped need serious work done, you will be the first person they contact because you have helped them with something before

The whole point of posting on Facebook is so you position yourself as the person people go to when they need help

Here is an example of an article on a kitchen Remodel

click the image to read the article and to have an idea of the whole concept

Facebook advertising

Aside from that you have Facebook advertising. For this, there are a number of things you can do when running ads on Facebook


1. You can boost your posts, this is to show your Facebook posts to as many people as you can


2. You can run ads to get people to your website

3. You can run ads to get leads for your products

4. You can run ads to get sales for your products

The First two I heavily disregard because it is often hard to get sales from them

What I tend to focus on is running ads to get leads, this is because Lesotho’s market is not yet comfortable making purchases online

Facebook advertising is a bit complex for me to breakdown in a few paragraphs so I prepared a free Facebook ads training if you want to know how everything works

It is also linked onto my website and here is the link to it





I hope all of this was helpful